Yoga Workshops

Various yoga workshops are given during the year. The goal of these yoga workshops, on certain Saturdays, is to introduce you to different specific elements of yoga, in order to deepen your knowledge and know-how for your regular practice to be more efficient.
A yoga workshop is not a yoga class, but is a period during which the participant will be able to improve his regular practice, as it aims at developing his awareness progressively on the multiple facets that the postures and various forms of breathing represent when working in synergy.

Saturday September 20th 2014: 14h-16h30

  • Yoga workshop to deepen your practice:
for beginners and those wishing to better assess the many subtleties of yoga:
    • spinal alignment
    • learning various breath used in yoga
    • breaking down specific key poses
    • sun salutations, and the concept of "vinyasa" will be defined and broken down, explained, demonstrated and practised.

Cost is 55.- Frs per workshop

Saturday November 15th 2014: 14h-16h30

  • Partner yoga:
    • learning to practice yoga poses with a partner, aims at deepening the poses and going further with confidence in more challenging postures.
    • This is for all levels and everyone is welcomed.
    • You'll not only improve your yoga practice and bring it to another level, than you would just on your own, but you'll also have FUN!

Cost is 55.- Frs per workshop

Saturday March 15th 2014

1. FIRST PART: Theory and philosophy: What is yoga and the art of living?

  • The 8 branches of yoga, according to Patanjali, author of the "Yoga Sutras"
  • Mudras (seals)
  • The 3 bandhas (intern locks)
  • Nadis (network of subtle energy channels)

2. SECOND PART - Practice: Sun salutations (A & B), and Moon salutations

When broken down, these various salutations / vinyasa represent 10 distinct postures which are linked together.

  • When practiced properly, these 10 postures also integrate the mudras, the bandhas, and have a profond impact on the nadis.
  • Most often times, yoga practitioners flow through vinyasas without integrating the other complementary elements, mentioned above, which have such profound benefits.
I truly recommend to participate at this workshop, as your personal practice will only go to a deeper level with a new revelation on the multiple elements which work in synergy and which have nothing comparable to sports or other disciplines.

Saturday November 9th 2013 


  • Proper spinal alignment in postures
  • Various forms of breathing technics
  • Uddiyana bandha (lock of your core center)
  • Putting it all together


Saturday November 30th 2013

WORKSHOP: "Discover Yin Yoga"

1a) Establishing a balance between yin & yang

1b) Daoist meridian system

1c) How yin yoga promotes global health on a deep level

1d) Various yin poses and their benefits


afternoons - see specific workshop date


Salle Rythmique de l'école de

Mont s/ Rolle, ch. du collège, 1 


 55.-Frs / workshop