Yoga Styles


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Yoga is for everyone. Several styles of yoga are offered, based on your personality and what you are looking for through yoga. Each type of yoga is more or less intense, some focus more on the "yang", muscular, intense, aspect, while other styles of yoga have a softer, more yin approach where traction on deep tissues is the main focus. Each style of yoga class is for all levels. Every position is suggested with various options and levels of intensity from which to choose from. 

Yoga is unique compared to all other disciplines. It tones the body and makes it flexible. It calms the mind and it has a profound, long term effect on the endocrine system. Yoga is very complementary to all sports. Yoga allows one to age in beauty and health.

Yoga classes always start with various warm ups, followed by various "asanas"/poses which include standing poses, balancing poses, floor poses, inversions, etc. A yoga class always ends with the "corpse pose" / "savasana", which provides a general feeling of surrendering of both your body and mind, but a complete sense of plenitude and wholeness.

"L'EssenCiel" of yoga is to get into poses with presence and integrity, by modifying according to need. Your breath and your body will reveal you where are your personal limitations... Isn't that what life is all about?