My inspirations 

Inspiration 19/08/12, Nils Daum:

"Stillness and silence have always been considered, in all spiritual traditions, as the first condition to go into introspection and towards getting to know your true nature, or oneself."

"You can get rid of a headache with an aspirin. You can get rid of a disease or delay disease for a certain time. But these are only mere illusory results, which will see disease manifest itself anyway after a delayed time, but with an increased virulence. True, deep healing - or the improvement of our physical condition - can only be achieved by an diligent and regular discipline, whose goal is complete physical, psychological, mental, and spiritual health."

"Total and general relaxation is only possible if the diaphragm is completely uncontracted. A spiritually mature human is that one whose breathing is always focused on maintaining a relaxed diaphragm, which, whatever the outside circumstances may be, will remain undisturbed by any outside event or emotion. The one who has mastered and remains undisturbed has constructed himself on a strong, stable foundation. Uddiyana bandha is one of these rare exercises which enables to establish a volontary control on the diaphragm. This, however, doesn't necessarily always mean that wisdom is automatically acquired by simply controlling the diaphragm and the breath.


It took me 12 years of regular yoga practice (including my beginner's years of teaching) to be ready and willing to initiate myself and be open to consider "pranayama", a yogic meditative breathing technique, the fourth limb of Ashtanga yoga.

At the beginning, I was only interested in the yoga postures, and in the physical aspects of yoga which had proven to do wonders on many aspects. I had noticed how it had balanced my endocrine system, and many other benefits, on the physical and psychological aspects, had improved certain ailments or problems "miraculously", thanks to the intense 2 hour practice of Ashtanga yoga which I dedicated myself to three times weekly.

After my first 4 years of practicing yoga, I found myself in a radical change on a professional and personal level. To add to that challenging time in my life, I had no yoga teacher! During 6 years, I continued to practice yoga, alone at home. That is where I discovered my yoga, as well as many other depths of the multiple facets of yoga. I will not linger on about it and yoga, as that is not the point to give you my point of view, except that yoga is personal journey and is unique for each and everyone of us. To each one his own pace.