Yoga training for sport professionals

Why do athletes practice yoga?
  • it is a  complementary discipline to all sports in general.
  • great as a  restorative session after intense trainings.
  • to strengthen a physical weakness.
  • recovery from injury or accident.
  • to acquire a sense of serenity or to maintain this state of mind in your matches and tournaments.
  • to work the deep tissues and evacuate lactic acid.

Benefits of yoga for sports professionals
  • alleviates sore joints, muscles, ligaments and reduces inflammation in those areas.
  • reinforces the core center of the abdomen and the back, and maintaining those areas supple and flexible.
  • increases and improves the movements of the joints in the shoulders, hips, knees, ankles.
  • increases concentration, balance and reflexes.
  • better stress management while under pressure, having a sense of being completely centered.

Depending on the breath type chosen, it will:

  • increase your metabolism.
  • give you more energy.
  • enable you to find the right balance in the intensity of the effort to gain mastery and being accurate with yourself.

Depending on the type of yoga chosen, it:

  • reinforces muscles on a deep and superficial levels, while maintaining them supple.
  • maintains the heart toned, thanks to sun salutations and yoga pose sequencing.
  • balances the endocrine and nervous system.