Yoga Classes between Lausanne and Geneva


In Rolle, Mont s/ Rolle, Bassins, mornings, lunch time, evenings, various yoga group classes are available throughout the entire year.
Flexible or not, beginner or experienced, athletic or not, whatever your age group, yoga in group classes will enable you to develop and improve your physical strength, your flexibility, and in many other aspects that you wouldn't have expected. The yoga group classes welcome participants of all levels and are very beneficial and complimentary to all other sports activities. Based on what you are looking for, we offer various styles of yoga.


Goal: Stress-management

Yoga classes given in corporate environments and on company premises enable employees to come regularly, eliminating the inconveniences of distance or taking the road.

The corporate yoga classes on company premises prevent burn-out, physical ailments due to sedentary postures, and are an excelle nt solution against anxiety and stress.

The class is given with various poses, which have different options suggested, all accessible by the participants. Deep breathing techniques are also incorporated during a session, resulting in a sense of coming out feeling regenerated, with a calm mind and a better performance once back at work.


Private yoga classes can be given at your home, at work, or in our studio.
  • Goals: Taylor-made private classes:
  • to improve your overall physical condition, to regain physical fitness and stamina through yoga specific strengthening poses
  • to address physical ailments, to enhance emotional stability, for stress-management
  • for athletes, as a complement to their sports discipline and trainings
  • to regain a sense of serenity
  • Recommanded for:
  • Any beginner in yoga, wishing to better assess the yoga poses, the breath, and hence be able to better practice yoga when joining the yoga group classes. It is recommend between 1-3 yoga private classes to be comfortable, depending on the person.
  • Any yoga participant wishing to improve or polish their yoga postures and learn more advanced ones.
  • Any athlete wishing to complement their training.


What is "Yoga at Your Desk"?

A series of stretches, movements, twists, and breathing that each employee can perform from his seat at his desk several times a day.
These movements prevent various body aches due to:
the body become rigid and tight due to long hours of staying still, under tension on the phone or looking at the computer
bad sedentary habits
the stress building up due to the load of work and responsibilities

How can one benefit and have access to "Yoga at Your Desk"?
A workshop within the company, which lasts about 2 hours, during which the first hour, a series of 10 different movements and stretches will be demonstrated. During the 2nd part of the workshop, the participants will be asked to gather into small groups to assess and to familiarize themselves with the small exercices. They will be able to follow the breakdown through the help of a small flip manual, which will be handed out to them to be placed on their desk, as a reference guide.
The following month, a new shorter workshop will be given in order to reinforce the importance of performing these exercices and to answer any eventual questions following the first workshop.


Teen Yoga: 11-14 years old
Teen yoga classes aim to develop self esteem in respect to the various sensitive changes that occur within that age group. The teenager becomes more comfortable with his/her body and to open up mentally through the use of various poses which will allow him/her to feel good in his newly changing body and spirit.

Kids Yoga: 7-10 years old
Kids yoga classes allows children to practice yoga with a playful approach to the yoga poses, adapting them to their age.
The children benefit from the many vertues of yoga, while having fun. They develop a better sense of awareness of their body, their ability, and their limitations. They progressively develop a more developed sense of self confidence.