Terms & Conditions Yoga Group Classes

Any missed yoga class may be anticipated or made-up by coming to another yoga class during the current membership.
Payment is due in full at the beginning of the semester or at the time when starting a new membership.
A missed class is not refundable if not made up.

Terms & Conditions Private Yoga Courses

A private yoga course is due in full the day of the appointment. Any cancellation must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled session, or is otherwise due in full. Weekend days do not count as working days to and a cancellation for a scheduled Monday session, must hence, be made on the Friday prior, at the latest.

Private yoga classes, scheduled over a regular weekly period, are due in full at the beginning of the month, according the number of sessions scheduled. If a change of date is needed, and if notified within the notice period cancellation policy, it is possible to reschedule it under the condition of the availability of the trainer within a 4 week period.

Terms & Conditions corporate yoga in companies - at work

Terms and conditions for corporate yoga classes or yoga in companies vary based on common agreement and are made according to the employees' and the company's needs.