Private Yoga Classes 

Purpose and benefits of private yoga classes

  • Taylor made, for:
    • physical or emotional problems, and for stress-management
    • sports athletes, to enhance their global training
    • re-assessing a general well-being and serenity in your daily life
    • to improve your physical condition, and strengthen your body through specific key movements and postures
  • Recommended for:
    • anyone who has a tight schedule, a private yoga class, as of 6:30am, or any time for 1 or 2 persons
    • any beginner in yoga, to better assimilate the poses, the breath work, and hence better benefit from your weekly yoga classes. It is suggested to take between 1-3 private yoga classes to obtain a solid base to work from.
    • anyone wishing to improve or perfect their level of poses to more advanced ones.
    • any sports athlete wishing a complementary training to their discipline and work out.

According to the yoga style, one chooses, it will:

  • reinforce the superficial and deep muscles, and make them for supple
  • tone the heart, through sun salutations and a flow of various sequences
  • balance the endocrine and nervous system

According to the various types of breath work, it:

  • balances the metabolism and nervous system
  • detoxifies the digestive organs and stimulates the hormonal sytem
  • boosts energy levels
  • invites one to master correctly the balance between the intensity of the effort and maintaining serenity and vigilance

Private yoga classes can be held at your home, at work, or in our studio.