Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of yoga?

Relieves against stress and anxiety

 Releases accumulated physical and emotional tensions

Reinforces endocrine, circulatory, digestive, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, and immunatory systems

Detoxifies and cleanses the blood stream

Helps in balancing the mental, emotional and physical bodies

Improves coordination, balance, concentration and endurance

Improves body posture, general physical condition and mind

Overall tones your body, while keeping it supple

Improves willpower and regulates your body weight

What if I am not flexible....?

Everyone is unique in every aspect! Flexible or not, yoga is accessible to everyone! First and most of all, Yoga is not synonymous to suppleness, but primarily focuses on the symbiosis between breathing and posture alignment. With time and diligent regular commitment, your body will become more flexible at it's own pace, thanks to the amazing benefits of knowing how to use proper breathing during yoga postures.

Flexibility is a misconception which prevent people to come to a yoga class. Yoga will softness your body's stiffness and tensions, making it more flexible, as it aims at strengthening your spine and physical body. Each person has a unique body in shape and form, and should never be compared to another.

Why is "Pranayama" (deep meditative breathing technique) so "essential"?

...The diaphragm, being the most powerful muscle in one's body, surpasses by far the pure physical aspect of a person and his physical body. It impacts its psychological being on a most profound level....

What do you need to bring to a yoga class? What is the attire?

Bring your own yoga mat. Yoga is practiced bear foot. Wear lightly fitting clothing, not too tight or too loose. Leggings or shorts for men. Bring an extra layer for the end of class. A bottle of water for before or after the class session, not recommended during yoga practice.

And if I don't have any experience in yoga?

All yoga classes are for all levels. Each position is suggested with serveral options from easiest to more advanced. The posture will be shown in the most basic manner and, according to one's personal level in yoga, postures may be addressed in their more advanced forms.