Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is different from many yoga classes in that the order of asanas (postures) is completely predefined.

A practice will comprise the following parts:

  • 10 sun salutations, followed by standing postures.
  • Sitting poses each linked with a half-vinyasa
  • Back-bends
  • Inverted asanas, referred to as the "finishing sequence."
  • Practice always ends with savasana

The Primary Series is the most important series as it forms the basis of the entire system. However the goal of this style is not to learn the more difficult asanas/poses but rather to learn to maintain internal focus through the use of a special breath, Ujjayi, and special gaze, Drishti (concentration/fixation with the eyes), while  integrating various bandhas (locking of the 3 main centers) all throughout one's practice.

IN "1261 - LE VAUD" -  SCHEDULED SUNDAYS FOR 2017-2018

  • September 3rd 2017
  • October 1st 2017
  • November 5th 2017
  • December 3rd 2017
  • January 14th 2018
  • February 11th 2018
  • March 11th 2018
  • April 22th 2018
  • May 27th 2018
  • June 17th 2018

Rate for one session = 44.- Chf

When purchasing 5 sessions in advance, the following rebates apply:

Five "2 hour courses": 10% rebate