Organic Aromatherapy Facial
Complete with acupressure & massage

Duration 1h15, Price 110.-Frs
by appointment only 079 350 91 90

This aromatherapy facial treatment aims at awakening the internal beauty to let it reveal itself and brighten you radiantly on the outside. This facial treatment will not only give you an exceptional result on your skin, but especially a complete sense of relaxation of the body and mind. 

This aromatherapy facial is unique, thanks to its 20 minutes acupressure point massage, to the exceptional high quality of the Florame organic products, and for the multiple special treatments given throughout the session. A sense of cocooning is felt and enjoyed with the soothing background music, and candle lights.

This extraordinary facial includes a complete deep cleansing of the skin, extractions, long facial massage with essential oils, various serums and face masks, special finishing protective cream.

This facial treatment uses a complex, specific anti-aging mix of essential oils to fight against free radicals, to fight against skin aging. This essentiel oil mix aims at diminishing skin inflammation, and it reinforces the natural defenses. Furthermore, these essential oils, specially selected by the Florame laboratories, allow the body and mind to recover wellness and harmony.

Beauty is a perfect balance between mind and the senses. The benefits of this treatment are on the entire body. This special facial is also ideal to improve your mood, or following a burn out, or when recovering from postpartum or simply to treat yourself and feel regenerated. Here, beauty is viewed on a larger scale, mind and body together.