BIO - Florence Boehlen

My moto is «  mens sana in corpore sano », « a healthy mind in a healthy body »

How yoga conquered me.....

Born in Belgium in 1970, I left my native country at the age of 10 to move to New York and later to Florida with my family. Between the ages of 18 and 25, I spent my time studying and traveling between Spain, Florida, Italy, and Switzerland, where I graduated from the Lausanne Hospitality Management School in 1995.

Whilst traveling and moving, I discovered a multitude of different cultures and their respective ways of living and mentalities. I was always amazed in realizing how difficult it was for me to integrate myself, as I realised that my inner world and beliefs had not yet been founded.
What were my values? What was the Truth? With time, I realized that there was not just one truth, but that each individual builds his own reality with his values. Furthermore, I noticed that all points of views are accurate.... from the point of view of whom beholds it according to his/her values. What confusion for me who was searching for something concrete!

I was 28, and a strong intuition was guiding me to start yoga. Without really too much analyzing it, I started my first Ashtanga yoga class. I continued to practice both vinyasa and ashtanga yoga, which are both strong dynamic yogas, which emphasize challenging, physical poses. With the years, I discovered that yoga was something much more subtle and the most important aspect was to travel inside yourself. Yoga has continued to make me travel, to discover my inner world! There is a certain magic that unfolds with a regular yoga practice. It's an inner transformation that occurs naturally. Simultaneously, one will feel the benefits on the nervous system, the endocrine system, as well as on a spiritual level, leading to a more profound awareness.

Yoga is each day different because every moment is unique. What seems important is to always go more deeply inside yourself, while observing limitations, but also trying to surpass them, with non-violence and without judgement. Yoga is a balance between intensity and softness. By remaining in your "comfort zone", you don't face yourself, and thus, you remain there, at the same place....
Hence, yes, yoga, which I now practice since 1998, is my true reference guide. I truly wish to make you discover it, as it has 1001 ways of providing well-being. Yoga, is my companion in every step of my life. It's not just a discipline to practice on a mat, but an attitude to make worth in every aspect of your life. And this, it is to myself to whom I say it first.